Sign up to improve Health Care for Trans* & Intersex People in Aotearoa

On Facebook there is an event page is set up to be a hub for those who are willing to collect signatures from individuals. These signatures will help to to improve the health care for Trans* and Intersex people in Aotearoa and will be presented to the health select committee.

Signature Form

You may want to print out the form sign it yourself and send it to us or you may be able to get a bunch of people to collect signatures at events, work places or schools. We would really appreciate your support. The form can be emailed to you, or downloaded of this event page. Once you have signed the form send it back to the petitioner via the address below.

Please note that petitions that are scanned, faxed or photocopied cannot be submitted, so if you could sign the forms in blue ink that would be beneficial and ensure that the originals are posted to us. Its OK if they have coffee stains but please try to make sure they are delivered on time. The deadline for the signatures is yet to be confirmed but as the petitioner I will update the group as soon as this information is confirmed.

If your organization wants to sign the petition then please contact us. The organisation will need to put in writing that they are willing for the petitioner to sign on their behalf, therefore your organisation may want to ask me some questions and gather more details. Any enquiries you can contact me to finalize the details required via email (see below this statement for contact details), and I am happy to clarify with any board or trust the details and purpose of this petition further.

Petitioner Contact Details
Name: Thomas Hamilton
Mobile – 0273320211
Email –
Skype – tom.hamilton11
Postal Address – Petitioner C/O Rainbow Youth, PO BOX 68283, Newton, Auckland, 1145

Please feel welcome to contact me if you have any questions about this petition or any other aspect of this project.

nb… the word ‘trans*’ is used as an umbrella term for gender-diverse people, including for example; whakawahine, tangata ira tane, FtM, MtF, transsexual, fa’afafine, transgender, whakawahine, transmen, transwomen, akava’ine, leiti, genderqueer and gender-neutral people.


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