who we are

Tommy Hamilton

So a little bit about me, I have been working in the non-government community sector for around 10 years as both a volunteer and a manager.  My most recent role has shown me that a broad section of the sexuality and gender diverse communities and their whanau, family and allies lack support, resources and connection.
I believe in connecting people, their families and community to what already exists.  From the community connections I have built nationally and the knowledge I have gained from working with young people, parents, health professionals, educators, policy analysts, businesses and a variety of other NGO and government ministries, I hope support three outcomes.

  1. Support individuals and whanau to manage connecting successfully with peers and learn how these communities operate and engage.  Combating isolation that can lead to a negative sense of self.
  2. Support organisations to better support sexuality and gender diverse people.
  3. To work with ministries, organisations and community to improve access to relevant and priority resources to stop the negative impacts discrimination and ignorance has on these communities.

Overall my work involves collaboration and I hope that any inquiry you make will lead us to improve our connections to each other and those around us.

Professionally I am currently a student studying a post graduate diploma in counseling, prior to this I was the Executive Director of Rainbow Youth.  Throughout the last ten years I have been on the governance boards of the a number of organisations including Gender Bridge & OUTLine NZ.  Current board I have roles in include, Auckland Youth Worker Development Trust (Chair), Intersex Trust of Aotearoa (Trustee), Queer, Straight Alliance Network of Aotearoa (Advisor/Trustee), and a number of advisory groups that are supporting mental health consumers, raising awareness of alcohol use and prevention of sexual violence.


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